The best wedding planning advice I ever received was, “Your wedding doesn’t have to be what the American culture tells you it should be. You don’t have to have the same number of bridesmaids and grooms men and your dessert doesn’t have to be cake if you don’t like cake.”  So simple.  So true.  Yet, it was exactly what I needed to hear.

A mountain of stress collapsed within me.  I realized my fiancé and I’s wedding day had become more about meeting expectations of magazine and movies rather than celebrating new life together.  I’m convinced I’m not the only victim.
unique wedding
Here are some tips and inspiration for how to take your own unique spin on traditionally repeated wedding details:

Wedding Bands:  Wedding bands are a matchless and intimate symbol of your commitment to one another.  So, when you see your same engagement ring or wedding band on the hand of your best friend’s cousin…your heart drops a little bit.  When looking for your rings, find a small business jeweler specializing in designer engagement rings.  There you will find unique pieces that will set you apart.  Also, consider making your ring carry even more value by placing an heirloom stone into a new setting that you love.  Grandma’s diamond will become your own in a designer setting like Tacori or Verragio.

Bridal Party: Who says things have to be even?  If you have seven close girlfriends you want as your bridesmaids and he only has four guys picked for his groomsmen, you’re not breaking any laws.  In fact, if your future husband wants his sisters to stand on his side of the altar and you want your brother to stand on your side, go for it.  It would probably mean a lot to your siblings to be able to stand next to you on one of the biggest days of your life.