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A unique wedding needs unique wedding invitations. You want to make everything special on your big day? That’s not a tough job. You want to let your guests feel the special of the wedding in advance? Send out unique wedding invitations.

unique-wedding-invitation-beach-inspired unique wedding invitations

Love postage Stamps Wedding Cards
On the cover of the invitation there are some different kinds of stamps all about love. This style is not only elegant but also classic. To make the cards more special you can change the stamps with your own photos with date they were taken as a memorial of your love story from when you knew each other. The stamps can be arranged in any available places on the wedding. If you are going to have a destination wedding it would not be better to attach the stamps of the place you are having the wedding ceremony. The guests can have a brief concept of the place and look forward to your destination wedding. Stamps are small world and take good advantage of them. Should you are going to make invitations by yourself or buy from stores or internet it is not hard to find. Better to make homemade love postage stamps wedding cards because it can be more personalized and you can use your own wisdom to design. Nothing is more interesting to invent your own beloved things.unique wedding invites

Unique Paper Crane Invitations
Love paper crane? Why not use paper crane in your unique wedding invitations? Different colors of paper cranes have different meanings. Red paper crane stands for good luck and happiness. White paper cranes stands for swan which brings good news. Black paper crane is the symbol of elegant and decency. Green ones means vivid life while yellow paper crane means warm and comfortable. Actually you can use more than one color of paper crane on the invitations. Printed ones are OK. It’s better to attach real paper cranes in the envelopes as a lovely surprise to your guests.

Fabulous and Dreamy Glowworm Wedding Invitations
Glowworms are romantic at night. It makes people think about fairy tales. It is very beautiful with glowworms in the night especially along a lake. So why not use this setting in your wedding invitations? I believe people will love ti because of the cute setting. Glowworms can fly as a circle in a shape like a heart. Isn’t it lovely?

Lovely Pink Floral invitations
Flowers like beautiful girls. Pink is the representative color of girls. So what if flowers are together with pink? Peony is always a popular flower used on wedding invitations. Pink flowers around the four corners of the invitation are very lovely. It is a good idea to use the same flower on the invitations with the wedding bouquet. Flowers you love make you feel happy.unique wedding invitation

There are still lots of unique wedding invitations. No matter what kind of invitation you are going to use the most important thing is that the guests receive your sincere invite and they would like to attend and give their best wish to you.